Business Hive Vilnius business center,
Savanorių av. 178F, LT-03154 Vilnius

GENERATOR - The space to invent and create

Generator workshops is a thousand sq.m. of space in which everyone can find everything they need to create or improve any product, disassemble it and make better, more beautiful, more useful.

Those who wish to learn one or the other activity first will have to be instructed on how to safely handle the equipment and then to work along with instructors. As any modern workshops, BHV gives the opportunity to work with the milling, wood, metal and plastic processing, sewing, knitting, felting, as well as 3D printers, scanners, laser engraving and cutting machines.

At Business hive different size 3D printers are also available. The largest 3D printer can print objects with dimensions of 30x30x40. If you need a printer that reproduces objects at highest accuracy we can offer up to the maximum dimensions of 10x15x15. With the printers available BHV visitors will easily print what they can think of as any plastic object or its parts, souvenirs, buttons, vases, cups, any specific sets of plastic parts, missing LEGO bricks, schemes, etc.

With 3D scanner one can accurately scan up to 2 m tall objects in minutes. We also have the plans for the scanner to make digital copy of the whole human body with detailed facial expressions and the ability to print out the figure with 3D printer.

We count robotics very seriously from simple basics for children to the professional lessons on how to make up robots for industrial factories. Visitors will be able to create or customize existing robots for industrial, advertising and other uses.

At Generator creative adrenaline fanatics with the available equipment and help of the specialists will be able to create so-called "panic” or “escape” rooms and those who seek to test themselves as motion directors are invited to the mini-studio where you can create simple or topnotch computer graphics enhanced video films.

You can visit us at the Business Center Business Hive Vilnius, Savanoriu ave. 178 F, Vilnius.


We invite you to join our community and start creating things.

We are all the team. Altogether we provide the opportunities for the development and growth. If you think we miss something don’t hesitate to suggest any equipment, programs or activities you would like to see at the Generator (not necessary to fill in):

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